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I Hate Max

Electronic dance music themed around catastrophe


Mr Shane Levene

In our opinion, one of todays finest living writers

Young Knives

Amazingly talented outfit out of England

GE Holliday

Tripped out, sexy R&B from Atlanta


The most energetic live act ever! Must be seen to be believed

Terminal Pictures

Insanely creative multimedia. We particularly love the Burroughs videos

Tracy Helton

A genuine crusader for education and harm reduction, particularly in regards to opiates. Also a fantastic writer.

The Hedonistic Imperative

The only political philosophy The Nova Fiends are comfortable advertising


Any self respecting pervert should check this out. One of the few entities who are truly subversive. One book and yr damned to hell.


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People We Like

Listed are the various bands, writers and artists we like.  All are highly recomended

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