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We live in Melbourne and we are screaming across an existential void. Our music is punky rocky alternativy blah blah blah. Lyrics, mood and performance can be intense, sometimes atonal, sometimes a raging tantrum; we hope sometimes maybe sometimes  pretty, aspiring at least for beauty.  How wonderful it can be to feel, but it is even better when one can communicate. This website and the noise (music?) on it is an (attempted) rejection of Sophism.

Witching Eye/Daddy Rolling in Yr Arms



Released Dancing Diane/Circle




Released Reliever/Thiever single




Released some noise to tide over until Album. Called "La Monte Young Blues" it is inspired by La Monte's drones and Burroughs cut up technique.




Got featured by the fabulous Postales Discos. Hopefully once Argentina gets a taste of our horrible noise, we will spread to the rest of South America.



Release in works. Set up our very own TikTok. Previews increasingly posted there.



Interview with Sounds on the Couch. We enjoyed it allot despite the fact 50% of us was having a minor panic attack. Lock down long enough and even a pleasant zoom session becomes an existential confrontation





Interview by Lydiian, in which we wax poetic bout our cover art, the Melbourne scene and some words of non advice that would benefit absolutely no one.




Hustled together a music video for Witching Eye with the help of I Hate Max




We got featured on the Indie Spotlight Podcast.


The Nova Fiends has finally made it's way to Mexico! Check out our split EP courtesy of El Veinte Records. Also featuring Ain't Animals




Released Witching Eye. B side cover of the Dion song Daddy Rolling in Yr Arms. Thanks to IHATEMAX for assisting in the mixing and mastering of the tracks




Included on a Melbourne lockdown compilation released by Shame File Music. Appropriately enough, The Last Man is The Last Track. Checkitout




Interview/Profile with Foley Mag. We rant on about the apocalypse and other vaguely pretentious topics. 10% of proceeds go to the Victorian Centres Against Sexual Assault, so buying a copy also donates to a good cause.




Interview with People Do, which is under the broad aegis of IHATEMAX.  Also includes live performance of Unconcerned.





Released a Live Lock down Session. Includes a preview of two songs earmarked for album.




Got a shoutout on the fantastic Magnetic Visions zine. Check out the review at Also buy their zine.



Received a fabulous review from Theresa's Sound World. They have very insightful and well analyzed reviews, and we are not just saying that because they gave us a good one. Be sure to check  out their other reviews.

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